The mini-quilt

UntitledThe little quilt is done! And I love it. The rainy season in Mexico is about over and we can start using the clothesline with more confidence, so here it is drying amongst the bedsheets on our rooftop.

Pattern: Double-trouble block, machine-pieced and hand-quilted
Fabric: cotton scraps and a bedsheet for the back
Batting: Heirloom Cotton
Size: 32.5″ by 35.5″
Recipient: the back of our ugly rental couch

The project started purely as a way to de-stash – there’s a few dresses in there, a previous quilt, and some of my grandma’s fabric. I was making good progress last spring, but then things stalled out and this became a mini-quilt. Made for easier suitcase-packing anyway. It took a few weeks, but I finally figured out how I wanted to arrange the quilting stitches.

PicMonkey CollageWhile home in Ohio last week the goal was to finish the hand-quilting so that I could use my mom’s machine to attach the edging. I finished quilting around 7pm the night before my early morning flight. Oops. Never one to shy away from a project, my wonderful mother helped me pin, stitch, and press well into the evening. When the sewing machine wouldn’t behave she coaxed a back-up machine to life (it’s one of those inside-the-wooden-table White machines) and off we went.

UntitledI again pulled up this tutorial as a reminder on how to finish the edging. Highly recommended. I finished the hand-sewing part of the edge during two airport layovers the next day. And then voila! Now I’ll shift efforts to the knit blanket.




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  3. Angela Hickman · November 9, 2014

    That is gorgeous! Your hand quilting is incredible.

  4. sewkatiedid · November 7, 2014

    What a great photo of it on the line too;)

  5. Sally Godard · November 7, 2014

    I’m really impressed with the hand quilting. I clearly need a lesson or several. Thanks for the inspiration, Katie!

  6. Melanie McNeil · November 6, 2014

    Really love this. I wish the block was more intuitive to me. I’ve been mentally working on it for a project of my own. I’m not naturally wonky, so I guess I need to DRAW it until I get it better!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your work. This turned out great. And the quilting — FABULOUS. You really have a knack for it, I think.

  7. bonniehull · November 6, 2014

    Gorgeous…hand quilting rules!! xo

  8. Dee Spiess · November 6, 2014


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