Why the name “Foxflat”?
It’s the word that was spelled out in capital letters on our mailbox in Oregon. The previous tenant must’ve been Mr. Fox. When I was trying to find a blog name – something that was non-literal and easy to remember – this word I saw every day when I got the mail sprang to mind.

Do you sell your things?
No, just occasional orders from friends and family. My knitting, illustrating, and sewing are hobbies, meaning they’re where I mostly spendย (not make) money. I pay the bills with a fulltime job in academic advising at a college, which I really love.

I read every comment and email. And, as stated above, I love teaming up on projects. This includes swapsย and guest tutorials.ย I like drawing out a good illustrated sewing pattern too, so if you have the design but need illustrated instructions, we should talk! Here’s where to find me…


  1. Christine · May 14, 2016

    Hi! I found your blog because I was searching around for resources about taking an infant to Mexico City. My husband and I may have the opportunity to do a short stint there (3 months long), but we will have a 3 month old infant when we leave. Did you find a good pediatrician? Your blog posts about the actual pregnancy and labor are very encouraging, but I was wondering about caring for the infant after it was born. Did you feel comfortable that you had somewhere reliable and high-quality to go if something went wrong (fever, choking, all the millions of things that can happen to tiny babies!)?

    Thank you! And thank you for sharing your experiences in Mexico!

    • foxflat · May 31, 2016

      Hi Christine – So sorry for the late reply. Hope this gets to you in time. Feel free to email me at foxflat (at) gmail (dot) com too. In short, yes, we had a wonderful pediatrician. Similar to my OB, we could contact our pediatrician by text (I think he gave us his personal cellphone number?) and he responded quickly, including nights and weekends. We contacted him several times about fever/cold related things. His English was superb. He was located in Puebla at a new hospital in Angelopolis, and I’m sure you could find someone similar in D.F. Just visit the nearest hospital and ask if any of the pediatricians speak English.

  2. Dee Spiess · January 31, 2013

    Hey, Katie! Your mom told me about your blog so I just had to check it out. You are the greatest! I will be a reader! Dee Spiess (your OLD teacher)

  3. Tara · February 21, 2012

    Hi Katie! I have been thinking about you often this winter as I wear the hat you knitted and gave to me as a present when I was having a bad day in 2008. As I recall, it was the only bad day in OR that I can remember, and you totally cheered me up–thanks! I still can’t knit but got a knitting board as a v-day gift–and, well, I still can’t knit. I love your blog and am glad to have found it, love the concept of self-sufficiency and the personal touch you put on all you do. Take care!

  4. jordan · February 10, 2012

    i just found you! I googled re-dying jeans and you came up ๐Ÿ™‚ so, thank you for your imput. I just spent the last two hours trying to make sure i didn’t get dye anywhere and washing and rinsing. then proceeded to clean my tub b.c it had black stuck to the dirty parts. after the jeans i started reading through your stuff. ! i like it and am glad i found it.

    • foxflat · February 10, 2012

      Hi Jordan! Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ How did the jeans turn out? Do you have pictures?

      • jordan · February 10, 2012

        jeans look great – i don’t have before and after shots though. went from faded black (the worst!) to nice & new looking black. i may do it to another pair of dark jeans. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • foxflat · February 13, 2012

        NICE! that’s awesome…glad it worked

      • foxflat · February 10, 2012

        NICE! that’s good to know…someone else on the post was asking about how well 100% black dye worked so I’ll have to tell them

  5. foxflat · July 21, 2009

    Thanks Sally and Elizabeth ๐Ÿ™‚ I get so excited to see a new post…it’s like a christmas present.

  6. Elizabeth · July 21, 2009

    This is such a great project, and I am so happy to see it come into fruition! Congratulations Katie and Bethany. I am looking forward to checking in often ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Sally Godard · July 14, 2009

    This is awesome, Katie and Bethany. I’ve read it all! And checked out the links. Very fun. I’ll be back. Best to you! Sally

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