Kami Hat: the first foxflat knitting pattern

Yup – my first contribution to ravelry! It was halfway for my own good, as every time I want to make this hat I have to refigure the numbers, casting on and frogging several times before getting it right. Rather than scribble the instructions in shorthand on the back of a receipt (only to stare at them confusedly in three years), I transcribed them properly so that anyone could make my FAVORITE HAT. A hyperbolic use of ALLCAPS? Nope. This hat is stellar because it’s:

– a one-skein wonder.
– a quick knit.
– a versatile gift…unisex, reversible, adjustable slouch.
– designed to hold in warmth without smushing your hair.
– a great 2nd project when teaching someone how to knit. Most folks start with something flat and rectangular but the key is to not get stuck there. This hat builds confidence without freaking out novice knitters.

Yak yarn by Lang Yarns

This summer Tami asked me to knit one of these for her birthday and she picked a deep eggplant skein of Yak by Lang Yarns. It knit up beautifully and is so soft against the skin. I chose “Kami” for the hat’s name because it’s the Japanese word for hair, something this hat is very kind to. Now I realize Kami could also be the celebrity couple nickname for Katie+Tami…fitting since I wrote the pattern and Tami found its perfect yarn pairing.

A hat is a relatively small publishing contribution to ravelry. A baby step. But one I’m excited to make!


 16 stitches and 24 rows, after blocking = 4 inch over st st

1 skein (142 yards or 130 meters) Yak by Lang Yarns, or 140 yds. of another Aran weight yarn
US sz. 8 (5.0mm) – 16” circular and dpns, or size to obtain gauge

Finished hat measures 20” in circumference, but has several inches of “give”. My own head is 23″ around and this hat is loose-ish.

The pattern pdf is available here: Kami Hat: printable pattern and here’s the link to its ravelry page.


  1. Megan · October 21, 2018

    How many stitches should I cast on for a child’s hat ? Very beautiful pattern by the way 🙂 can’t wait to try it

    • foxflat · November 2, 2018

      Hi Megan – Hard to say, I haven’t adapted this for a child’s head. I think you have two options: 1) use the pattern as is, but with smaller needles and thinner gauge yarn, or 2) CO a number of stitches that is a multiple of both 4 and 5. The math is a little funny to adjust, so it may be simplest to use smaller yarn/needles.

  2. Corbina M. Foucart · February 24, 2015

    Could you please translate SSK? Is the slip one,K1, pass one over? Corbina

  3. Audrey · December 1, 2014

    Thank you so much for the lovely pattern. As an abject novice knitter it took several attempts but I finally finished the hat today. My 16 yr old son asked if he could have it! This is my first successful project and couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!

    • foxflat · December 3, 2014

      Nice!! That’s awesome. A teen thief is a sure sign that you did a good job with the pattern 🙂 I’ve always thought hats make great first knitting projects…so much faster than scarves. Good luck with your continued knitting!

      • Audrey · December 4, 2014

        Thanks! Next project I’ll buy one of ur patterns. I’m making another Kami hat now. Have a great Holiday season! 😜

  4. Jordan · September 13, 2014

    How does one block a hat? I’ve been knitting about 2 years and have only really blocked a sweater and some shawls…

    Do i need something round or flat with pins is ok?

  5. crookedcoast · June 1, 2014

    Reblogged this on crookedcoast.

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  7. Tanja Schroeder · January 26, 2014

    I made a few errors while I was decreasing, so I forgot what number of knit all the way around I should be on. From the time you start knitting all the way around and the decreasing, how many inches should it be?


    • foxflat · January 26, 2014

      Hi Tanja – the hat should be approx. 8 inches long when you start the decreases. Is that what you’re asking? If not, can you email me at foxflat@gmail.com? I check it more often than wordpress.

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  9. Diane Richards · September 4, 2013

    Thank you for sharing this hat….it’s going on my needles this weekend…….I’m a huge fan of knitting on circs so this is perfect~

  10. HannahDavis · August 15, 2013

    I love it! It’s now in my favorites and my queue — I just have to find the perfect yarn! Thanks for making this available for free!

  11. Tanya · November 12, 2012

    Can you tell me where you purchased the Yak yarn? It seems only place to get it is in Europe,

    • Tanya · February 10, 2013

      I have a quick question, how many yards were left over when you finished the hat? I am using the Lang Yak and was wondering if I should do a few extra rows of the knit purl then a few extra rows of the knitting…so I know it will cover my ears but I do not want to run out!

      Thanks, Tanya

  12. Kris · November 11, 2012

    Hello – sorry, I’m writing to ask for help with the decreases.

    I’ve never knit a hat in the round before so I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure where to find it! I made sure I had 80 stitches when I started Row 51, but then when I made Row 52, the purls don’t line up with the purls on Row 51. I knit 8, purl 2, but then it’s only knit 6 before the purl 2 comes up on the row below. I feel like if I keep doing this, I won’t get the nice cross pattern I can see on the crown of the hat in the pictures. Are the purls on each row of decreases meant to line up?

    Thanks for sharing this pattern, it’ll make a lovely hat once I figure out what I’m doing wrong! Any advice would be muchly apprecated 🙂

    • foxflat · November 11, 2012

      Hi Kris,
      I will try to help! First, yes, the purls are meant to line up with those from previous rows. It sounds like on row 51 you accidentally decreased more than 8 times. In other words, you decreased for slightly more than one time around. That would explain why on row 52 it is sometimes 8 stitches between purls and sometimes 6 stitches between purls.

      ?? Does that help? Feel free to email me at foxflat@gmail.com if you want more help.

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  17. eleanortsang@gmail.com · December 19, 2011

    Hi, I want to knit this for a guy and if his head is bigger than 20″ how can I modify the pattern? Thanks!

  18. vernice · December 15, 2011

    My very first hat knitted hat, successful use of circular and dp needles turned out AWESOME. I’m so excited. Your pattern was easy to read and follow. I feel like I’ve crossed over to an intermediate knitter status by using these techniques and tools. Thanks again for sharing (xxxx)

    • foxflat · December 15, 2011

      YES! You rock! That is so awesome. Moving into new knitting territory is no small feat 🙂 I am glad you wrote!

  19. robin · November 21, 2011

    great hat but is there a mistake in rows 62-64?
    In row 62 you have 32 stitches
    In row 63 you decrease 8 stitches and end up with 24 stitches
    In row 64 you are supposed to have 20 stitches but in fact have 24?
    Please clarify – thanks!

    • foxflat · November 21, 2011

      Hi Robin!
      I don’t think it’s a mistake…I just wrote out how many stitches there should be after each row and I came up with 20. Here is a list of rows and the number of stitches there should be after each one:

  20. molly steele (@mollysteele) · October 31, 2011

    I tried making this hat, but after casting on 80 stitches like the .pdf says, I figured something was wrong and that it was going to end up being very big….I’m new to knitting, so is there something I’m missing or was the 80 a typo? the other hats I’ve made all had less than 60 to cast on…let me know, thanks!

    • molly steele (@mollysteele) · October 31, 2011

      nevermind, got it!

      • foxflat · October 31, 2011

        Yeah, you’re okay? Send me an email if you have a question: foxflat@gmail.com I’m more than happy to talk with you about it!

    • foxflat · October 31, 2011

      Hi Molly – I’m going to reply to you via email! It is 80 stitches, but it could be that you’re working with a different gauge and need to drop down a needle size or two.

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  22. taylor · October 6, 2011

    I’ve been scouring the internet for a basic, not ugly hat all morning. I almost gave up! I have dreadlocks and the diameter of my head from behind my bangs to the nape of my neck is 19.5 inches.. do you think this pattern will stretch over my big dumb head or should I maybe add some ribbing to the edge? Thanks alot for the pattern, I appreciate it!

    • foxflat · October 7, 2011

      Hmm I think it’ll fit! It’s on the looser side as far as hats go…the ones I’ve made (after blocking) are 20″ circumference. I checked out your blog…are you in Eugene, OR? If so you should definitely pick up a skein of the Yak yarn at Soft Horizons on 13th (that’s where I found it). It’s seriously worth the money. Lemme know how the hat goes!

      • taylor · October 7, 2011

        You live in Eugene? What an incredible coincidence! And yeah, I already went to Soft Horizons today and found that Yak yarn- its really, really nice. They had some hanks of alpaca on sale in a really nice color, and I got to use the crazy whirly yarn-baller ho dad in the back. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!

      • taylor · October 7, 2011

        *have lived in

      • foxflat · October 7, 2011

        Yeah! We lived on 4th and Jackson in the Whiteaker. I was back this summer for a visit, which is when my friend found the Yak yarn for her hat. I love Eugene and miss it 🙂 Email me when you’ve finished the hat…I hope it turns out awesome!

      • taylor · October 8, 2011

        Oh, nice. Jackson House? I live in the whit too. Want me to send you a picture when I’m done, for your blog or Ravelry?

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  24. bethany · September 24, 2011

    oh katie this hat is awesome! can we do a print/hat swap? please!

  25. Janet Schumm · September 24, 2011

    Katie ,I think I could a dozen would fit in my suit case, so start knitting. The hat is very cute,by the way.

  26. tami · September 20, 2011

    p.s. Becca did find me some great yarn….i love the way it feels and the color.

  27. tami · September 20, 2011

    holy sh!#%%$! I’m featured in your blog! we have a celebrity hat! There are THREE cute pictures of Katie! You made my day. And I STILL miss you. And I am eating your crisp recipe right now as I type.

    • foxflat · September 20, 2011

      🙂 It is SUCH nice yarn. I should’ve given Becca a shout out too…I didn’t realize she did the actual finding. I can’t buy it online – you might have to send me some. And some Mam Coffee French Roast.
      now you make me wish I had some crisp mmmm

  28. Kim · September 20, 2011

    Very cute! I have short fine hair also, so I’m going to try this for myself, then maybe some Christmas knitting…. thanks for the pattern! Happy knitting. : )

    Kim in Ohio

    • foxflat · September 20, 2011

      Yeahhhh! (that is for some ohio love). The other thing I do for my short fine hair is sweep it the opposite direction before putting on a hat. That way when I take the hat off and swoop it back, it has some body.

  29. Michele · September 20, 2011

    Gorgeous! We have a sweet little craft consignment shop opening in Bryan, OH that I wish you were here to contribute your work to.

    • foxflat · September 20, 2011

      Thanks Michele! I was talking with Carol Nowak about that shop! Hmm maybe I can figure out how to get some things there…

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