2011 in review

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last night we were musing that since the world ends in 2012, we might as well live the next 12 months like there won’t be any after. But before we go wild, it’s fun to look back on the last 12 months…

There was the cooking. For the first time I tried tamales, scape pesto, fried green tomatoes, and fried rice balls. The best were the rice balls.

There was knitting and sewing. A few firsts: knitting a shawl, trying 2-color stranded, publishing a sewing pattern, and publishing a knitting pattern. In total, 19 finished objects, the 19th being a bear hat sent to Colorado for a very cute baby Nels…

Even more important than making objects and meals though, this year we worked at making Boston our home. Looking at a year’s worth of photos reminded me of all our explorations, adventures, friends, and visitors.

All of this making and adventuring wouldn’t be the same without a certain tall blond student and a graying hound dog….

…and without YOU! Thank you for reading, commenting, and offering advice, insight, and encouragement. I’m so thankful for the community created here and I look forward to another year.



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  2. Molly · January 3, 2012

    The bear hat is absolutely adorable, and I’ve been envying that bag you made since you first posted on it. I hope 2012 is just as successful, productive, and adventurous for you!

  3. sophieasaur · January 3, 2012

    Katie, thank you so much for this blog! I found it while Googling how to dye jeans and am so lucky I did – amazingly you’re also a knitter, something I’ve recently become addicted to, along with gardening and cooking. Without meaning to you’ve answered so many of my questions about these things! Thanks a bunch for the good tips and lifestyle stuff – so helpful enjoyable. Anyway, thought I would say hi instead of silently creeping around your posts, and Happy New Years to you,


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