Summer snowbird cardigan

I left Boston for a conference last week and while I was gone spring arrived in full force (I also caught a horrible cold blehhh). But the trees have leaves, the flowers are blooming, and our peas and radishes came up. The carrots have been slower to sprout thanks to Edith…she snuck out the window when I was watering and dug through the dirt. But everything else is looking happy.

pea shoots

While home in Ohio for Easter I finished up a cardigan that’s been several years in the making, only because the pattern-search process was so slow. Somewhere in Oregon I picked up 3 skeins of deep pink Mirasol Hap’i  and every spring I pulled it out and fuss over possible shrug or cropped cardi patterns (Allegoro Loose Knit CardiMietteAmiga, and Sassymetrical were all possibilities).

In your own knitting, do you choose patterns first or yarn first? I rarely choose them together and instead find myself on epic quests for whatever half is missing. Anyway, this year I realized that with a few changes, the Snowbird cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier that I love so much could be a summer sweater AND the missing compliment to my Hap’i yarn…

Snowbird cardigan for summerThe cardigan’s length was determined by the yarn yardage – I just knit until I ran out (with not an inch to spare…every last scrap is holding a seam together). The neckband/edgeband rolls inward a little too much, but fixing it would require frogging the entire thing. I’ll see how much it bothers me.

Snowbird is such a nice pattern because it’s not hard to tinker with the numbers if you want to use a different yarn or gauge. After using a ratio to calculate the number of cast-on stitches, you can more or less follow the pattern until it’s big enough to split for the sleeves.

Easter 2011

And now before bed, I’ll knit a few more rows of handspun Stripes to Keep me Warm. I’m making the cowl part extra long so it can pull up into a hood.

"stripes to keep me warm" cowl pattern