Cloth Design with Bleach

Nobody’s tamed the almighty power of bleach better than Rachel C. I met this woman in 2004 while we were sweating out a summer of camp counseling in southern Ohio. She had bleached these fantastical designs into her camp jeans (camp counseling is an alternate reality that requires a completely separate wardrobe from regular life), and those jeans one of the many reasons I was like, “I gotta make friends with this person!”

Check out the shirt she mailed me for my birthday.



Rachel did a full tutorial for foxflat readers in 2009, so if you’d like to try your hand at bleaching (shirts, pants, table runners) click here. Me, I’ll just keep trying to talk her into knitting-for-bleaching trades. And birthday presents!

When I was on the floor taking a picture of the shirt design I snapped one of this old pup…he’s about twelve now.


Scrolling through pictures with a friend the other day I happened upon one from Sam’s youth…camping in Kentucky with guy friends. Look how brown his face was! He looked less beagle-y without any white.

Gorge trip