More DIY baby wardrobe

This fall I was shopping for baby L and found myself rejecting an entire rack of holiday dresses because “frilly things look weird on her.” Something about that is true…I think? When I’ve put her in super girly stuff R and I agree that something seems off. Maybe it’s her lack of hair? I have a picture of myself at around 18 months in tiered ruffled lace, and it looks so odd underneath my glaringly bald head.

It could also be that I’m projecting wardrobe preferences onto the baby, because I’ve looked through her clothes drawer and it’s verrrrry familiar. No browns or tans. Hardly any pink or yellow. Lots of black pants with bright tops, bright pants with black & white tops, etc. Oh and a cat shirt with sparkles, which I would wear if I thought coworkers would take me seriously in it.

She’s built kind of spindly and narrow, so I’ve taken to putting her in leggings. I even sewed a couple pairs this fall so that I could make them extra narrow and extra long.
DIY baby leggings

DIY baby leggings
And what looks better with leggings than tunics? I knit a dark teal version of Like Sleeves for Babies. It’s a little short and wide, so if I knit it again I’d lengthen it so that it could start as a dress and become a tunic as she grows.



The other thing I’ve been busy making is hats. This kid’s head circumference is >99% on the CDC charts. It’s a seriously impressive noggin and it’s required a set of progressively larger garter earflap hats. I love the pattern though – it’s everything you want in a baby hat but nothing extra, and it’s a great use of handspun or partial skeins. She just doesn’t always want it on her head.

Garter earflap hatOther posts about DIY baby clothes:
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  1. Molly · April 14, 2016

    Somehow in a shift between RSS readers, I never re-subscribed to your blog. I’m envious that you managed to keep it up between your moves and family addition (bookhopping, sadly, died of neglect amidst various life changes). Anyway, I’m glad to be catching up, and I am also completely envious your adorable long-and-lean legging making ability. My own kid never seems to have pants that fit…

    • foxflat · April 18, 2016

      Thank you Molly. Yeah, I bet it’s even harder with a skinny boy, because the pants from the boys section always look extra boxy!

  2. introvertedknitter · January 8, 2016

    I love the fact those little leggings and the tunic is just great.

  3. Nancy · January 8, 2016

    She one lucky girl! I love the teal tunic.

  4. bonniehull · January 8, 2016

    awwwwww…cutie boots. xxoo

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