I’ll never make this sweater again

And that’s not because I don’t like it, but because it required so much tinkering, frogging, and reknitting that I lost track of the edits. This was the most INFURIATING pattern. Simultaneously a work of origami-genius and a huge hot mess. My biggest complaint was that there’s no measurements schematic, and as someone who hardly ever gets the required gauge I rely on the schematics to make size adjustments. I recall that I down-sized the needle, widened the sleeve openings, and lengthened it considerably (it looks long on the pattern picture but knit up like a crop top). Oh, and I took the advice of others and knit the entire garter strip and then grafted it to the other front piece in stockinette (versus grafting the two garter halves).

When I finally cast-off I couldn’t stand looking at the thing and it sat in a suitcase for a few months. The pattern was covered in undecipherable numbers, calculations, and notes. I threw it out.

UntitledYesterday I felt ready to face the music. And much to my surprise, I don’t hate the finished sweater. I think I like it in fact. If I wear a thin white shirt underneath I think it could transition to the office…yes? Otherwise it’s a good summer shirt on its own. Here’s a ravelry link.





  1. April · May 1, 2015

    Looks like the sweater was worth all the work though because it looks great. Plus, awesome color.

  2. sweetalchemy · April 30, 2015

    I hate when patterns don’t have a schematic. Gauge is such an individual thing that a schematic really is the best tool when you’re trying to make something fit. I don’t want to just follow the written directions and hope for the best!

    I think this sweater looks great on you–love the yarn!

    • foxflat · April 30, 2015

      yeah i couldn’t believe that an $8 pattern didn’t include a schematic! The yarn is pretty, huh? My friend dyed up the color. I lost the details on it but it’s a wool/silk blend. Very drapey.

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