Yarn thievery

Yesterday I woke up and reached to the floor for my knitting, only to find it was gone. GONE!

Just inside the open kitchen window I discovered this:
Missing knitting
The burgundy yarn led out the window and onto the balcony, where it trailed down the stairs in a tangle before breaking off. The gray yarn was broken just inches from the wip.

Missing knittingNow who around here likes yarn and jumps in and out of windows?  And where did she stash the yarn balls?? The burgundy still had at least a hundred yards left, and since it’s silk/wool and custom-dyed, there’s no replacement to be had…here or in the states.

I searched the bushes. The alley. Under the cars. Up the stairs and around the rooftop.

Then I knocked on the landlord’s door. Apparently she’d been wondering how and why a ball of burgundy yarn had appeared in her living overnight. Later in the day she knocked and said she’d found this in her shower:
Missing knittingNot surprisingly, Fantasmon isn’t talking.
Missing knitting



  1. Lydia · November 27, 2014

    My cat does the opposite, waking me up in the middle of the night by letting me know loudly that my WIP and an extra skein are waiting for me next to the bed after “gracefully” bringing them here. Stumbling upon wool (or needles) when leaving the bed is always a fun experience 😉

    • foxflat · December 3, 2014

      Ha – what a helpful cat! Fantasmon only brings us ginormous bugs and half-dead birds.

  2. Michele · November 26, 2014


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