Home again, home again…

I’m back. And I brought R. and the camera home with me! A week in Puebla and a few surrounding cities was lovely…definitely better than this never ending lineup of snowstorms.

922601_10153045663997195_362226779_oedit**Many thanks to my father-in-law Ron who shared that the above photo – the convento/museo Santa Monica – was the feature topic on this week’s Public Radio “The World”.


Puebla is the land of mole poblano. Here’s dinner our last night in town at El Mural de Los Poblanos – some gourmet quesadillas and a six-mole sampler.  Unfortuntely I was too sick to eat much more than a few bites, but those bites were delectable. I followed up with a nice bowl of rice in broth 😦


Before I arrived R. said that he was routinely stopped by locals, especially in smaller towns, and asked to pose with them for a photo. Usually the locals were teen girls or middle-aged women who giggled as they walked away. My arrival significantly cut down on the number of photo requests (sorry R!), but we did have a woman stop and ask us if she could take us to coffee so she could practice her English. She brought her husband and granddaughter, so there was a wide range of English and/or Spanish skills represented at the table, and we had a great time trying to communicate with one another. She made us promise that when we returned to Puebla we’d come over to her house so her husband could give us cooking lessons. So….guess we need to try and get back there soon!



  1. Angela Hickman · March 2, 2014

    I am so jealous that you managed to escape the snowstorms! But also sorry to hear you were sick… A good trip overall though?

    • foxflat · March 2, 2014

      Whooo barely! I was delayed a day due to one storm and just missed another. It needs to be spring already! Yeah…great trip regardless of the stomach trouble. R said it’s nearly inevitable, so we had packed all kinds of medicines. And after a few days I was back to normal.

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