Camera-less blog post #2

I’m learning how un-fun blogging is when there’s no camera around. Sigh. It’s probably time that I gave up my phone-that-only-calls-people and just got a smartphone. The cameras on those things just keep getting better and better.


At a party this winter someone saw my phone (see above) and asked, “So do you feel jealous of people with smartphones, or just self-righteous?” It was a martini-induced zinger that made me laugh. I mean….who goes this long without a little self-righteousness? Mostly I’m just worried that a smartphone’s GPS will erode my navigation abilities the way cellphones made me forget all phone numbers. I take my spatial memory very seriously because it’s about the only kind I have.

I also fear getting sucked into smartphone-usage like this:

phoneBut since I’m not so principled as to avoid mooching off friends’ smartphones (“can you look up a number/address/knitting pattern for me?”) I may have stumbled into dreaded technology-hypocrite territory:


No camera means I can’t show you pictures of our big Wednesday snowfall, which is too bad because for some reason it was an especially pretty one. However I do have a few pictures of FO’s thanks to Christine: Scrap Hat #1, Handspun Socks, and Scrap Hat #2. Plus a nice portrait of Samson 😉

HatTwo SocksOne YHFiveBack




  1. foxflat · February 11, 2014

    Tami and Beth – thanks for the tips on phone plans. Those both sound really reasonable. The day when I get a smartphone is very near I think.

  2. tami · February 10, 2014

    i have a smartphone with virgin for 25$ a month. unlimited texting and data–300 min talking. and again i will say MOST BEAUTIFUL SOCKS EVER!! and they fit my narrow feet great–no slouching. you’re the best.

  3. beth lehman · February 8, 2014

    oh, i get this….. my husband and i just got iphones this fall… we had a track phone earlier for emergencies on trips!! we are so cheap that we got used phones from my sister and her hubs when they upgraded and found comsumer cellular, where we can pay by the month. we are paying less than $60 for two phones and plenty of data. since then we’ve convinced our parents to join our plan and they’ve picked up used iphones from ebay for about $200 and then joined our plan on consumer cellular. they use the at&t network and so far we have been perfectly satisfied. their customer service is just great. (keep in mind their target audience is the over 55 crowd… which makes their font big and easy to read, and their language easy to understand!!) good luck!

  4. bonniehull · February 8, 2014

    I get this Katie, I really do, but the camera on the iphone is just soooooo good…and then facetime with the baby boy…well… We’re having a blizzard so I’m powering up just in case of power failure…HATE being without my phone…xo

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