When it’s 8 degrees Fahrenheit out….

…this is the most lucrative bit of cat real estate in the apartment.
UntitledThey love the warmth of the pilot light. It also provides a nice vantage point for spying on a brown Boston terrier who we’re dog-sitting. He is very cute and nice, but he and the cats aren’t quite sure about each other.

UntitledEdith took her own safety very seriously at the beginning, and for the first time ever I found her perched on top of the shower door.

If you were caught up in Storm Hercules, I hope you’re safe and warm. We didn’t get too much snow here – maybe 8 inches with some drifting – but it was incredibly cold out. My walk in the snow didn’t last long.

UntitledSo…naturally I worked on some knitting and sewing. The sockyarn that I spun up this fall yielded a pair of Christmas socks for my mom and there was still enough left over to make myself a pair. I’m finishing up the second one now. I also started working on a new quilt. Kind of a wonky chevron thing to use up a bunch of scraps. Did you have any snow day projects?





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  2. tami · January 4, 2014

    I like that yarn much better than the yarn I used to make Scarlet’s leg warmers. Maybe I should start over….

    • Katie McFaddin · January 4, 2014

      NO!!!! Time for a non-leg-warmer project!

  3. tami · January 4, 2014

    I would like to place my order for a pair of those socks and one of those boston terriers, please. thank you.

    • Katie McFaddin · January 4, 2014

      Okay – I can mail you these socks. I like them, but I don’t have much occasion for wearing wool socks. The boston terrier I have less control over. I’ll ask him how he feels about living in Oregon though.

  4. Angela Hickman · January 4, 2014

    It has been so, so cold (-27C here since New Year’s, which is about -17F). My cat hasn’t discovered the stove yet, but spends a lot of time under blankets and licking ice off the inside of our windows.

    I’m putting everything else aside this weekend to knit myself my thick socks. Here’s hoping that I won’t need them by the time they’re finished!

    • Katie McFaddin · January 4, 2014

      -17?! Yikes that’s super cold. Where are you at? Yes, I’ve been thinking I need some felted slippers!

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