Goodbye two thousand and thirteen

WordPress so helpfully sends you a little year-in-review report every year. Interestingly enough, my mother’s complaints that I “haven’t been posting as much” are, in fact, supported by hard data. I still like using and keeping this space – although I keep toying with the idea of renovating it – so we’ll see if I pick things up in 2014.

But regardless of the pace of blogging, 2013 saw plenty of knitting. In January I published my first graded-garment pattern – Teddywidder – which at 100+ pattern sales has far exceeded my expectations. There was my first handspun sweater, Surella (which has since been eaten by moths…so sad) and a lovely striped handspun shawl. Sheboygan is my new favorite sweater, and also what I’m attempting to write up for the next pattern. Plus…thanks to Christine and her coaching in how to pre-draft, I spun up the finest, most even handspun to date! (multicolored in the bottom photo)

2013 knittingThailand was our big trip this past year, but we fit in some other adventures, including (clockwise below, starting with upper left): shoveling out of Storm Nemo, celebrating Thanksgiving in October in Oregon, visiting Dumbarton Oaks in D.C., hiking the foothills outside Salt Lake City, camping with Sam, and (above Bangkok) a girls trip to NYC.

travels2013Thank you for visiting me here and sharing your ideas, inspiration, and love for cat-and-dog photos 🙂 On that note, I’ll sign off with a few of the crew. Happy New Year and I hope 2014 brings you blessings and happiness!




  1. Janet · January 10, 2014

    Your dog looks just like my dog. Maybe there siblings?!

    • foxflat · January 25, 2014

      Maybe! What kind do you have? I’ve been told that Sam is a feist.

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