I’m not at Rhinebeck….

…nope, no Rhinebeck this year. But I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts about it. If the weather was anything like what we had in Boston this week then it must have been gorgeous.


What I did go to a few weekends ago was the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, which is like a smaller, less crowded version of Rhinebeck. My main take-aways were:
1. I need to save up so I can afford a woven wool rug like those sold by Kind Horn Farm of Vermont.
2. If angora goats are cute, miniature angora goats are ah-DORE-able. I can’t wait until I have enough land to own some.
3. People in Vermont dress a lot like people in Oregon. (Just to clarify, that’s not a dig. The Keens and Danskos, the undyed gray hair – especially for women, the long skirts and sweaters…it’d be nice to return to. I’d much rather dress like I did for work every day in Oregon.)

vermont sheep and wool

I took home two bags of roving. The first was a set of 6 balls of BFL dyed in autumnal shades. The second was an undyed ball of Cormo-blend with just enough grease that it still smelled very sheep-y. I couldn’t stop smelling it. Thanks to some coaching from Christine in how to pre-draft, I’ve been able to spin the BFL into something thinner and more uniform than any previous spinning attempts…I think it’s worthy of a sock pattern.




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  3. woolface · October 21, 2013

    That is gorgeous roving and even more gorgeous yarn. Surely it should be something more public than socks so you dont have to say “Oh look at this gorgeous yarn i spun! wait…just let me take off my shoes…”

    • foxflat · October 21, 2013

      Hahahah you make a good point! But I’ve for so long held “socks” as a spinning milestone. They require such thin and uniform yarn.
      What would you suggest?….. mittens?

    • ayush · October 26, 2013

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