Isn’t that a nice word….eventide? Much better than dusk. 

Last week I was in Salt Lake City for a conference. On our last night in town we went for a hike in the hills northeast of the city. What had been a cloud-filled sky suddenly parted right at the horizon, and for nearly an hour we got the full effect of the setting sun. It was a particular combination of place + time where you just couldn’t take a bad picture. I want my dad to paint the first one below.

Salt Lake City, Utah

salt lakeJust as beautiful was the hour before sunrise at my in-laws’ house in Oregon, which is where I went after the conference for “Thanksgiving” (i.e. just like real Thanksgiving only the flights cost half as much since it’s held in October):

Just before sunsetThat little building is the goat/alpaca shed, and to the left and right are apple trees. Getting up before the sunrises is the one benefit of being on east coast time when you visit…it makes us even lamer than usual in the evenings, but we’re up drinking coffee with the sun.



  1. tami · October 21, 2013

    great pics! Eventide is also the name of a very good novel.

  2. Cassy · October 21, 2013

    Those are some gorgeous photos. Ah. Love a good sunrise.

  3. Angela Hickman · October 21, 2013

    You could always call it Canadian Thanksgiving, since ours is in October 😉

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