a summer’s worth of knitting

When we got back from Thailand there were some new programs and projects waiting for me at the office. I always think of summer as catch-up time at work – kind of peaceful, maybe a walk at lunch – but for the past month my inner self was doing this most days.  At night there was time for knitting (while watching Netflix’s Orange is the New Black…best show I’ve seen in a while), but not blogging.

So now I have a bit of a backlog. Bear with me.

Oh, but first, a Thailand-food-collage. Because I might get around to posting more of a recap, but if all you see is the food then you’ve seen some of the best Thailand has to offer. The food experience there totally makes the 26 hour combined flights worth it. Clockwise from the top left corner: papaya salad, fresh fruit, pineapple fried rice, dragonfruit, $4 worth of awesome dinner, latte, tabletop make-your-own soup, street noodles, steamed buns, and mangosteens.


Now we can move on to the knitting. First, a swiss-cheese like Summit Scarf that I knit from Three Waters Farm handspun (a birthday gift from Christine). I did a provisional cast-on and grafted the ends together to make an infinity loop. This is a great pattern for handspun…it makes a little bit go a long way.

collage of Summit Scarf, knit from handspun

And then on those long Thai train rides, I worked on a new pattern design that borrows from Teddywidder, but is a grandpa-style cardigan with a shawl collar. I’ve named her Sheboygan, and I have to say that the yarn (Phatastic from Skeinny Dipping) is the perfect pairing. It’s worsted spun so it offers warmth without a lot of weight.



And last…the second edition of my Pomme de Pin Cardigan. The first time around I was trying to make something shorter that I could wear with dresses. I had doubts about the final product but decided to weave in the ends and wear it to the office, where my coworker gushed over the yarn color but described the style as, “kind of 90s” (which she said with a touch of pity and a hint of disdain. Dammit. I knew it. I went home that night and frogged everything except the sleeves. Here’s what I frogged…


…and here’s the longer, sleeker remake.




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  2. Janet Schumm · September 14, 2013

    Katie, The scarf is beautiful!

  3. Kim · September 13, 2013

    We binged on the show through the first 7 episodes on vacation. Now we don’t have access to Netflix so I’m on the verge of subscribing just so I can finish. So good! Also, the swiss cheese scarf is AMAZING. Love. Love. Love it!

    • becca · September 13, 2013

      subscribe – there is a 95% chance you’ll get an offer for the first month free, and you can cancel before you get charged. then you have a month to get through the last 6 episodes without paying for anything!

  4. becca · September 11, 2013

    i have only 2 episodes left…

  5. tami hill · September 9, 2013

    ok, now i am hungry and only thai food will do. very nice model poses in your beautiful sweaters. glad i wasn’t there to see you frog that sweater. you know that makes me anxious.

  6. April · September 8, 2013

    Your sweaters are beautiful. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Sheboygan.

  7. becca · September 8, 2013

    a. i love orange is the new black – surprise, surprise… b. i love how long your hair is… c. i love the red sweater. that is all. missed your blog. miss you.

    • foxflat · September 8, 2013

      It really is so well done! I haven’t cared about so many characters on one show in a long time. Have you binged and finished it all yet?
      see you next month 🙂

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