Happy 4th!

walden pondIt’s been a hot & muggy summer in Boston so far, and today is no different. We left the house at 7:30am and headed to Walden Pond for a swim, thinking we’d beat the heat and avoid the crowds. For $5 it is the best place to swim in Boston, and so much closer than the ocean beaches.

Good thing we left so early – the parking lot was nearly full. There were the usual locals with goggles and swimcaps, ready for a morning lap. But there were also loads of families with coolers, strollers, chairs, watermelons…we even saw a few hammocks. Next time we’ll just do the same and come prepared to spend the whole day there.

I don’t think I can get R. to wrestle the crowds, the heat, and the post-bombings-security downtown tonight. When I told him we could watch the fireworks on tv he thought I was joking. “Who does that?!” he asked. I had to break it to him that um…a lot of people do. Especially with a beer in hand and the window air conditioner on.




  1. Estella · July 5, 2013

    Love Walden Pond – one of my favorite places for a walk in the fall. Still hoping to go swimming there but am avoiding it this busy holiday weekend.

    • foxflat · July 5, 2013

      If you go around 7 or 8am it’s mostly older folks out for a morning swim. This morning we went again and it was pretty quiet on a side beach away from the front. By 11 it started filling up with families, kids, etc.

  2. Kim · July 5, 2013

    Cliff argues that it is actually the best way to watch fireworks. And the ones in Boston are the best!

    • Kim · July 5, 2013

      On TV I mean….

      • foxflat · July 5, 2013

        🙂 That is how we did it in Cincinnati the summer I lived there! I ended up walking to the top of the golf course in town with a friend and we could see the whole city from afar. That was a good compromise

  3. Sally · July 4, 2013

    And happy Fourth to you, K & R! So Americana of you to be swimming in Walden Pond. Greetings to Thoreau. Hugs, Sally and Ron

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