Bold striped sundress


It’s been a while since I posted (complained my mother last time we talked on the phone 😉 I have a few things on my project list to show you guys, but I’ll start with a nice sundress to go with all this hot weather we’ve been having.

We recently went to Ohio for my little brother’s wedding and I got in my head to sew something for the rehearsal dinner – the dress for the wedding being set since I was a bridesmaid. I finally got around to using the bold striped fabric that I got in L.A. last spring, as well as a vintage pattern that I picked up last summer at my Gramma’s house (Simplicity 3426: undated, but looks like the early 60s). I felt really nervous cutting through those pretty stripes!


The bodice took forever because I wanted to make sure 1) the stripes matched up from front to back and 2) it was nice and fitted since this fabric has a little stretch to it. I always start a little bigger than I think I’ll need and then gradually take in bigger and bigger darts and/or seam allowances until it’s right.

I thought that after all of the fiddling with the bodice the skirt would be a breeze, but by the end of the night R. was getting annoyed with all of my fussing, seam-ripping, and repeat trips from the bathroom full length mirror to the sewing machine. I think his exact descriptors for my sewing process were “obsessive” and “consumed”. Humph. I’d say the same about his process for studying for comps  – which he passed, by the way – so although it’s hard for the other person, obsessive gets the job done.


All of the cardigans I tried on with the dress looked frumpy so I picked out a chambray shirt at TJMaxx the night before we left and tied the front up. I have two pictures of the dress in action. First the rehearsal dinner where I got to hold one of my cousin’s new twins, also Katie 🙂 Baby Katie is adorable, and she tried to top my bright stripes with pink polka dots and a tutu.

My new baby cousin

My aunt came up to me at the dinner and asked about my dress. When I told her I got the pattern from Gramma she made me take off the chambray shirt so she could see the bodice, and then exclaimed, “This is MY pattern! The first and only dress I ever sewed in 4-H!” So that was pretty cool.

Later I got cajoled into singing karaoke at the hometown bar. I’ve never sung karaoke before. With more advanced warning I might have had a few drinks before going up there. I don’t think I fooled anyone about not wanting to sing all the words to Baby Got Back (and there are a million of them) haha. Even in this picture I look eager for the song to end. Karaoke

The wedding the next day was beautiful 🙂 My mom did all of the flowers, which were gorgeous, and all of the logistics went smoothly and we got a lot of quality time with my family. Welcome to the family Amy!

Wedding flowers



  1. Kim · July 2, 2013

    So good! Also, I love the karaoke photo.

  2. Angela Hickman · July 1, 2013

    That dress is fantastic! What perfect fabric for that pattern.

  3. Dee Spiess · June 30, 2013

    Nice dress! I wouldn’t have recognized your brother! He is all grown up!

    • foxflat · June 30, 2013

      I know, right? I think that’s why I cried so much when trying to give my speech…just realizing how much he’s grown up

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