Scorpion Punch


R. loves mezcal, which I’d describe as tequila-plus-campfire…very smoky. So when he saw this bottle of Scorpion Mezcal on super sale at the local liquor store ($50 $18 ) he bought it, not knowing anything about the brand other than it featured a scorpion at the bottom instead of the usual worm (see him up there?). At the register the salesperson told him that that bottle had been on the shelf so long the employees had a betting pool on who would finally buy it and when. They asked to take R’s picture so they could show the others 🙂

R. might like sipping this stuff straight, but I’m not there yet. So we googled “mezcal cocktails” and found something to try. We took a house trip to the liquor store again and then started measuring and pouring into our makeshift cocktail mixer. Here’s Aj pouring in the agave syrup…Untitled

What’s in this stuff? Besides mezcal there’s Averna, agave, ginger beer, lemon juice, and grapefruit juice. The recipe we found was for a whole punchbowl’s worth of drink, so we cut it into fifths. Untitled

I liked it a lot. But it’s really strong. The carbonation meant it needed to be consumed in one sitting, which we managed as a group of three but just barely. We made it again this past week and just put everything into the mason jar except the ginger beer so that it’s like a readymade mix in the fridge. That way it can be spread out over a few days…just mix it up with some ginger beer as you go. Untitled



  1. Kim · March 2, 2013

    Oh no…Cliff wanted to try it…and there are only two of us 🙂

    • foxflat · March 3, 2013

      haha definitely do the thing where you mix everything but the carbonated beer and keep it as a mix in the fridge!

  2. Tami · March 2, 2013

    Awesome. Save some for me, for whenever I might visit you again. Who knows when that may be, but I want some.

  3. Janet Schumm · March 2, 2013

    Wished we could come over and try some,, it looks like something I would not be able to consume much of!

    • foxflat · March 2, 2013

      No hahah…you could have a little baby cup of it is all!

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