The test-knitters are test-knitting!

Opening ravelry and seeing new photos of their WIPs is soooo exciting!! Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 1.43.29 PMI am very very thankful for this group of test-knitters. They’ve been oh so patient in reviewing my first pattern with graded sizes. They’re also a worldly bunch…Germany, Argentina, UK, France, Finland, and California. We seem to be assembling an impressive array of teddywidders in naturals and neutrals.

It’s nerve-wracking to put your pattern out there for test-knitting. You have these what-if-they-all-hate-it worries, and of course pattern mistakes are found that when you look at them, you can’t believe you made.  But it’s also exciting. I’m trying to develop a new pattern now; something stranded and colorful.



  1. Janet Schumm · February 17, 2013

    That’s exciting that you had that many testers!

  2. barefootrooster · February 16, 2013

    hooray! i’m so excited for this!

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