the best wedding favors

I try not to give unsolicited advice about wedding planning. But there are instances when an engaged friend asks directly for it. Something like, “What do you think is worth splurging on and where can we cut corners?” And one of my responses is don’t waste money on party favors. They nearly always require an incredible amount of money and/or intensive prep, and as happy as guests are to get them, when the night ends the favors are often forgotten and left behind.

However, after my coworker’s wedding last weekend, I will amend this advice to: don’t waste money on party favors, unless they are teeny tiny adorable live cacti.



At the end of the night several tablemates bequeathed their succulents to me before making their exits. First thing Sunday I bought some cactus dirt and filled a thrifted wooden salad bowl with it. After arranging the five little plants I filled in the spaces with some shells we had lying around. Yay! My own little succulent garden!




  1. tami · October 15, 2012

    so cute.

  2. Janet Schumm · October 13, 2012

    I love it !

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