Pillow, pom & tassel

Remember all this?


…and this?


The stockpiles are significantly smaller now. First, I visited the SoWa Market again with a friend and popped into Grey’s, a fabulous little fabric store. I picked out 2 yards of upholstery fabric in this modern aqua/taupe gray diamond pattern and sewed us a big couch pillow.


It’s stuffed with every last bit of the white fiber, which was too long to process into roving. There’ll come a day that I’m sure I’ll regret not making a fancier (removable) pillow cover, but by that time I might be tired of the pattern and want something different anyhow. It was only $15, much cheaper than the kilim covers I was scoping on etsy.

There…doesn’t it look at home with the others? There’s a faint whiff of alpaca when you put your head down on it, which might offend some but I kind of like.


Second, I spun about 150 yards of the 50/50 alpaca and wool blend (the gray pile in the earlier photo) and 150 yards of Into the Whirled ‘s Wensleydale Combed Top…and was inspired to use them together.


I looked at a bunch of bonnet-shaped hats on ravelry before sketching this and calculating out the numbers. It’s made with sz. 7 needles and the two handspuns held together. I was going to give it to a family member since the colors are vaguely Ohio State, but I dunno now…it’s becoming my new favorite (ravelry notes here).

UntitledChristine let me borrow her Norby tassel instructions, which were incredibly clear and helpful. Then I read the Techknitter’s post on how to make a pom, also good (in fact that site is one excellent post after another…bookmark/pinterest/delicious it). I was determined to make a non-wimpy pom with swagger, so I wrapped that little “C” cardboard shape until it would hardly hold any more. BAM! Tell me that’s not a good looking pom.Untitled



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  2. April · September 3, 2012

    Such a great looking hat! That pom-pom is really pulls it off.

    • foxflat · September 9, 2012

      thanks april!

  3. Janet Schumm · August 27, 2012

    Cool hat for a coool day!! Love it.

  4. sally · August 26, 2012

    Indeed, it’s a pom with swagger. The alpacas are most proud. And the colors are very elegant!

  5. sophieasaur · August 26, 2012

    I love the hat! How incredibly cool to wear something that you not only knit but spun! The colors even make a design that looks purposeful. Hmm. I would definitely knit a hat like that.

    • foxflat · August 26, 2012

      Thanks sophie! I can share the pattern notes if you want…they won’t be perfect but they’ll get you there

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