Fiber Revival in Newbury Mass

We’re dog-sitting this weekend for Louise, a young tawny-colored terrier (if you want to see her as a little puppy click here). Louise wants to play and sniff and go places. Sam wants to sleep in, followed by some couch naps, followed by bedtime. Saturday we played things Samson’s way and showed Louise how nice mid-morning naps can be. Is she convinced??


Early afternoon I left the nappers to visit Fiber Revival in Newbury with my friend Christine. It was an easy hour’s drive from Boston, and the happenings took place at a beautiful historic 17th century farm.



I thought the $6 admission fee was totally worth it, because in addition to the vendors and food there were tents and chairs set up so you could just sit and knit/spin. Despite ominous skies the rain held off, and we had a great time just hanging out and talking with fellow fiber nerds.


I fell in love with two things. First, the color of this roving from Enchanted Knoll Farm:

Second, a double-treadle Hitchhiker spinning wheel.

It’s a little guy designed for portability. Small enough to put in a bag and fit in the carry-on compartment of an airplane. Also – and this is what caught Christine’s ears – it’s small enough to put by your feet so you can spin while riding in a car. WHAT? I tried it for a while and it was really smooth. I think Christine and I both know what we want for Christmas.


This morning Louise was looking especially bored. Aww, okay little pookie. Let’s go out. We took her and Sam to the Sheepfold off-leash area of Middlesex Fells and she got to roll in some stuff and chase some dogs.



Roll in it



  1. tami · August 14, 2012

    moving doggie pictures? just like harry potter….
    you know you can’t use that wheel in a car, katie marie. you’ll barf. just saying.

    • foxflat · August 14, 2012

      Aww man, you think so? Crap that is a good point. I can’t really spin without looking…thank you, that saves me some money!

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