If you’re ever near Cleveland…

…you MUST stop and eat some Mitchell’s Ice Cream.


This one is Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp, and it was heavenly. That’s coming from someone who’ll eat just about any ice cream, but who doles out very few ice cream accolades. It’s all worth eating…it’s just not all worth swooning over!

My flavor was made entirely from ingredients sourced within 100 miles of the store. The friends who took us to Mitchell’s knew of it because their uncle’s farm supplies the maple syrup for one of the seasonal flavors. The business is so committed to serving the local area and not increasing its carbon footprint that it’s chosen not to ship the goodies or franchise, so if you want it you gotta visit my home state!



One comment

  1. treena · July 30, 2012

    yah, yum!
    and they’re gearing up to open a small ‘factory’ in Ohio City; right on W.25th down from The Market.
    Not that we don’t appreciate Pierre’s, but it’s nice to have a local ‘upscale’ brand, too…:-)

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