Navajo plying alpaca fiber

I still have a big bag of cleaned alpaca fiber in my apartment. This is the stuff that was too long for the mill to process. Although the cats know just what to do with a bag of uncarded alpaca, I’m not as sure.

I overstuffed Sam’s dog bed. But it didn’t shrink the bag’s size much.

So I carded by hand yesterday and spun 120 yards of single. There’s slubs, knots, and bits of straw. It’s a messy yarn. I decided this was perfect for experimenting, and tried navajo plying for the first time. I watched some youtube videos – this was my favorite – and then gave it a try.

There was a lot of swearing.


But then it worked! Well enough anyway. Now I’ve just transferred my problem of “what to do with fiber?” to “what to do with 40 yards of petite dirty rope?” 🙂


It was a worthwhile exercise, but I think I’ll use the rest of the bag as stuffing. Maybe for those turkish-rug-pillow-covers that I’m in love with. Stuffing a couple of them would go a long ways in using up this fiber.



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  2. Janet Schumm · June 5, 2012

    I wished I had it for this weekend, we would tie back the table cloths for Adam and Michelles party, with it.

    • foxflat · June 5, 2012

      Yes! It would be perfect for that kind of rustic party 🙂

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