Unnecessary temptations

In a burst of questionable judgement, I friended my hometown animal shelter on Facebook. Terrible idea. Logging onto Petfinder is something I can generally avoid, but now I get regular newsfeed updates like: “Williams County Humane Society added 7 photos to the album Williams County Humane Society ~ Adoptable Pets.”

And then I HAVE TO click on it.

One of those 7 photos this week was this, with the caption: Katie ~ 4 year old female Mountain Feist (small in size). I am a little shy, but I do enjoy the outdoors very much. There are so many wonderful smells out here!

What a lovely feist friend for Samson! With a name he already recognizes hahaha. Read says I’m just torturing myself because we can’t have two dogs and two cats in this little apartment.

So then I torture myself some more by looking up real estate in the Boston area. After about ten minutes I’ve snapped back into reality and can proceed with studying Spanish for the final exam this week.



  1. Kim · April 30, 2012

    Haha! Oh Petfinder…you are evil and wonderful all at the same time. Katie the feist looks pretty awesome. I will support your decision either way.

    • foxflat · May 5, 2012

      She’s such a cutie. We just need a sliiightly bigger place, or to move back to Oregon!

  2. Janet Schumm · April 29, 2012

    Oh my, how can you resist? She is mighty cute!!

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