Turning Thirty

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. It didn’t cause an existential crisis or a tragic evening studying emerging wrinkles in the bathroom, but I did feel more reflective than past years…really thinking about where I want to go and how we can keep building the kind of life we hope to lead.

It just so happened that my birthday week brought some changes too, including the departure of the favorite coworker and the announcement from upstairs and downstairs neighbors (who we really like) that they’re moving out in a few weeks. This will all take getting used to.

People keep telling me how good their thirties have been so far. After the twenties, which are a lot about getting a degree and getting ahead and getting a paycheck, the thirties seem to be less fraught. More about settling into the person you are. A friend from grad school told me that 33 has been especially good – “I’m in a similar place as I was when I was 30, but in general I feel a lot more content about it. I just feel good about where I’m at.”

If you’ve experienced The Dirty Thirties – as a birthday text from my highschool friend calls them – what’s it been like?



  1. Christine · April 10, 2012

    I had no idea you just had your birthday!!! Happy (belated) birthday!!

  2. Terrie · April 10, 2012

    Hope your day was wonderful.30’s are GREAT, enjoy, take it in, breath every second of it….

  3. Julie · April 9, 2012

    Happy belated birthday!! I agree, I think your 30s are the best! I feel so much more at home in my own skin, and like I dont have to try to be something I’m not. It’s a nice place to be.

  4. Jess A · April 9, 2012

    So far, my thirties have been AWESOME. I agree that 33 felt like a particularly good year. (34 has been great, as well.) I do think it’s felt like it’s more about finally being comfortable in my own self, not worrying so much about what or how I’m doing compared to my peers. Not caring so much about what other people think of me, or how I spend my time, or whatever. I’ve been a lot more confident these past few years, which I guess you could chalk up to a lot of reasons, but certainly “maturing” is one of those reasons.

    I hope your thirties are as amazing as you are. ❤

  5. bonniehull · April 9, 2012

    Happy birthday Katie, here’s to an interesting year ahead. (I only began to feel powerful at 32…watch out Read…)xxoo

    • foxflat · April 9, 2012

      Oooo good to know! 🙂 thanks Bonnie

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