Kami Hat in Los Angeles National Forest

Without planning for one, a professional Kami-Hat-photoshoot landed in my inbox…

WHaaa??? Are these not the most beautiful pictures?! That one of Molly making her way down the fallen tree is so cool. Especially with that bird flying through. It’s embarrassing to put it up next to my stand-in-front-of-white-door-wearing-hat pictures.

I’ve been working on a couple more knitting patterns that I hope to put out this year. And I was probably going to rely on the camera’s self-timer and a solid horizontal surface to take them. But Brandon’s photos, which are of a better composition and quality than I could ever hope to create,  have got me thinking about how I could possibly enlist the help of a professional.

How do others handle this?

For those who knit, how do you take your photos? Into a mirror? Helpful partner? For those who design patterns, do you do your own photography? Have you thought about paying (or bartering) to have it done professionally?


One comment

  1. Kim · March 31, 2012

    Holy smokes Katie! That is awesome.

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