Easy Folded Poncho

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Birthday to my little brother!

Last night, over embarrassing amounts of HGTV, I finished the big rectangle for my easy folded poncho. Here it is blocking on the rug in front of a fan:

Tonight I’ll join the seam and add the cowl neck. My big project today is trying to find some used kitchen cabinets to build some sort of cutting station for sewing. And maybe a sewing nook hidden by a curtain. I’ve been collecting inspiration on pinterest



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  2. elizabethlehman · March 17, 2012

    you know i’ve been waiting to see which poncho style sweater you decided to go for! i can’t wait to see this one done! as for your cutting station – i would love something higher than I have. i’d actually like to have my whole table raised for sewing and cutting!

    • foxflat · March 19, 2012

      I took pictures today of the poncho and I’ll post them soon. It’s really cozy!

  3. Michele · March 17, 2012

    I just made the most wonderful cutting station –got a huge flat door ($5 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore!), screwed it onto an old kitchen cabinet I fond in my basement, painted it all bright white. It is the perfect height to stand at and cut fabric, and offers some great storage. I’ll send a photo if you want. Good luck!

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