Week of Projects from L.A. Fashion District – Thurs & Fri

I missed yesterday’s installment! We were busy cleaning the house for my dad, who came in on the train last night for a weekend visit. Sitting for 18 hours on Amtrak is my idea of punishment, but my Dad had the best time napping, reading, and talking to random people. He said when we’re retired we’ll understand.

So here we go! I’ve been saving my two favorites for the end. This is a 1950’s cotton dress I found at a vintage store on Santa Monica Drive.

1950's summer dress

It’s homemade from what I can tell, and many of the seams need re-done. But it fits like a glove.  So I’m going to take it all apart, make a pattern from it, then resew it with nice new strong seams.

With the new pattern I’m going to make a second dress from this watercolor-flower-printed cotton. The flowers will go in a wide horizontal band around the skirt, and the bodice will be white.

Watercolor Fabric

Watercolor Flower fabric

How to make a pattern from a garment? Well, I’ve never officially done it before…but I did find a few helpful tutorials here and here. I think making the pattern out of interfacing, rather than paper, will make it more durable.

The second project is just sewing buttons on a dress I already own. But it’s a dress that’s been button-less for almost a year. Regular readers may recall this shirtdress I found for half off (because it was missing half the buttons).

"Lily" yellow shirtdress
I searched and searched for the right buttons in Boston, but couldn’t find a thing, but found them in the Fashion District! They’re frosted clear plastic with little white-painted flowers.

White plastic button



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  2. Kim · March 9, 2012

    The dresses are going to look amazing! Well done with all of the project ideas. Have fun with your Dad!!!

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