The ghost of the better knitting pattern

Today I am struggling with what I’ll call “the ghost of the better knitting pattern.” It’s a powerful nagging shadow that haunts nearly all of my projects, appearing about 75% of the way in and lingering until the end. In the beginning it manifests as seemingly practical questions: Do I already own too many cardigans?; What could I wear this sweater with?; and Is this the best use of this yarn? If things are really bad, I start cheating on the pattern before the garment is even done…running searches on ravelry and comparing. Sometimes when the piece is done I love it after all. Sometimes not.

Yesterday I got to the last seam in the Vignette Cardigan and the ghost was telling me to frog it. I went to sleep thinking about it, woke up thinking about it, tried it on again:

: and ultimately decided to not decide for a while.

The pattern I was cheating on Vignette with is this:

The Vignette is a cute sweater. The pattern’s well written  and there’s nothing obviously wrong with the fit or size of what I made. But I forgot how much fitted wool sweater sleeves make my armpits sweat. For real! That’s why I had to give Neulottu Naisen Jakku to momser who is always cold. And sadly, it’s why I made need to unravel sweet little Vignette and turn it into something else.

For now I’ll set it aside and work on one of those poncho patterns.



  1. Cassy · February 21, 2012

    Love your Holl. I completely overlooked that pattern before, but your version looks so soft and lovely. It’s on my radar now. And better to frog the things you won’t wear than let them rot in the closet.

    • foxflat · February 22, 2012

      Oh! That Holl picture actually belongs to meganimal…isn’t it awesome? I’m working on a gray one right now with the yarn frogged from Vignette. I hope it turns out as cute as hers.

  2. blankenmom · February 18, 2012

    Looks great – but I get what you mean about the ghost. Mine is usually a fit “ghost”. The patterns aren’t ever made for my size, so through the whole thing I’m thinking “Is this going to fit right here, here or here?” I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this!

  3. beth lehman · February 16, 2012

    i’ve only done one sweater for me. it took so long i gained some weight – and so my shalom sits, unable to completely cover my chest! i could try blocking, or running, or gasp… frogging. it just sits. i would rather see you do one of those ponchos b/c i can’t decide which to try for myself!

  4. Kim · February 16, 2012

    Oh no. I know what I am going to day is not helpful but that second sweater is way cute. With this said, I think all of us will support you no matter what you decide 🙂

    • Kim · February 16, 2012

      Actually I was trying to ‘say’ something. Not ‘day’ something. Yikes.

  5. bethany · February 16, 2012

    Hahaha oh katie! So true… I know that nagging feeling…. and so often still choose to ignore it, until I finish and decide that – yes – I still don’t like it.

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