The Shirt


This is one of my favorite shirts. There is a story that helps explain why, and I will tell it to you.

When my mom and aunt were in town they wanted to go shopping. So we spent an afternoon walking up and down both sides of Newbury St. There are a dozen second-hand and consignment stores on Newbury, and I think we went into every one. We tried on boots, pumps, jackets, jeans…everything. I made one purchase and it was this steel gray silk shirt with metal grommets. The back dips low and there’s an exposed zipper. It’s a cool shirt.

The next day I wore the shirt to work. I set down my bag, took of my coat, and walked into Natacha’s office to show off my $15 steal. Natacha is, besides my #1 office friend, my #1 Boston stylish friend (different wardrobe cultures in Ohio and Oregon necessitate regional frontrunners). The is our conversation…

K: Hey look at the new shirt I got.
N: Ooo that is so cute! Turn around…. huh that is so funny I used to have a shirt just like that.
K: Really?
N: Yeah but I sold it to a consignment store.
K: Um, I bought this at a consignment store.
N: The shirt just sold actually. It was at Second Time Around on Newbury St.
K: Are you telling me that out of 200 items I picked up that day, I bought YOUR SHIRT?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?? 

There is no moral to the story. Maybe that Natacha should let me paw through her castoff clothes before she takes them to the consignment store. But mostly it’s just one of those serendipity stories like, “I was traveling in another country and ended up on a train with my highschool classmate can you believe it.”



One comment

  1. sally · January 19, 2012

    Woo-hoo!! Pretty funny.

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