Mt. Auburn Cemetery

My coworker and I were sharing Boston outdoor spots for enjoying fall color….Middlesex Fells, Arnold Arboretum, Blue Hills.  I asked if he’d been to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

Confused look. Awkward pause. “Uhh…”

I get it. A cemetery wasn’t our first choice for a weekend walk either, which is what kept us from exploring this one for nearly a year, even though it’s just a five minute walk from our house. But a neighbor  gave it a rave review, especially the view from the tower at the center of the cemetery. We checked it out earlier this month, and I think it’s my new favorite outdoor spot.

Mt Auburn cemetery is 175 acres of beautifully landscaped rolling hills, and is credited with being America’s first rural cemetery. It feels more like a forest park…with interesting reading material.

My friend drove up from Atlantic City this week and I took a day off work. Armed with flatbreads from Sofra, we spent a few hours walking the little paths covered in fallen leaves and reading epitaphs.

We also tried to capture the last of the fall color.

In the first photo below, I lowered the saturation and significantly raised the contrast, which helped create visual separation between the different elements (trunks, leaves, building).  I also liked some of the macro close-ups of trees or headstone texture.

Do you have any tips for photographing cemeteries or forested landscapes? Or for altering the photos in post-production?



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  2. sally · November 20, 2011

    Katie, your photos are so well composed, and I do want to visit this beautiful piece of land that was elegantly designed and is full of history. In the Wikipedia article on Mt Auburn Cemetery, the list of notables of those buried there is most fascinating! So many that I know of….I could spend weeks exploring. Thank you for sharing this, and introducing us westerners to another part of your new worl.

    • sally · November 20, 2011

      * world.

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