Protecting My Insta-happiness Sunglasses

My sunglasses would last longer if I didn’t treat them like loose change. Throwing them in a purse, knocking them against my keys…I sat on the last pair in the car and busted a lens. This is why I buy sunglasses at gas stations and garage sales. I’m seemingly incapable of caring for them.

This Saturday I picked out a $10 pair to replace the sat-on ones. They’re amazing. Insta-happiness for the eyes. Everything looks nostalgic and sepia-toned, like a picture from the 70s. Here’s an approximation of what they do to the world…

I want to preserve their honey-colored lenses, so I knit them a little felted bag with a button closure.




The yarn is from an early knitting project – a Noro sweater – that I’ve been frogging section by section. Last year I made my mom some felted Christmas slippers from it that were a big hit. The Noro looked so cool in a 2×2 stripe, so I’ll probably make a couple more pairs for Christmas gifts this year (unless any of you would like to trade or barter for a pair??)



  1. Lori · October 28, 2011

    Oh! Striped Noro Slippers! I think that might be just the thing to do with the noro I obtained but can’t decide on a project.

    Also I like the sunglasses & case. I too am terrible to my sunglasses and can only justify buying cheap ones as a result.

    • foxflat · October 29, 2011

      yes yes! The stripes highlight the best of Noro.

  2. kara franke · October 28, 2011

    I love those slippers! I feel silly even offering a trade since my skills pale in comparison to your amazing knitting, but I can offer a set of kitschy hand-stitched dish towels…if you are interested. 🙂

    Here’s an example of my recent work:

  3. bethany · October 28, 2011

    those glasses sound awesome! (i bought my favorite pair at the dollar store … for the same reasons) … those socks are beautiful.

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