SoWa Vintage Market

This week I got some helpful tips on vintage shopping in Boston from blog friend smunch (thank you Lauren!). The SoWa Vintage Market sounded particularly enticing. It’s open every Sunday until mid-December and includes not only vintage stalls, but a farmer’s market, craft vendors, AND a collection of swanky food trucks.

Farmer's market

A neighbor and I drove over this morning. Parking was a painless $5 and admission was free. As my mother would say, “everyone and their brother was there” – I saw two co-workers, which seemed funny in such a large city. Everything is outdoors except the vintage stalls. It was crowded both indoors and out, but it didn’t feel claustrophobic.

Bon Me truck in Sowa market

The food trucks are fun. Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese (“we don’t make your grandma’s grilled cheese”) and Bon Me (“Boston’s Gourmet Banh Mi”) had large followings. I ate a fabulous caprese on focaccia from The Dining Car, sneaked some of my friend’s french fries, and then washed everything down with some wildflower iced tea.

There are some fabulous wares among the craft vendors. I can see some late autumn Christmas shopping happening here, especially in jewelry and woven scarves.

Sowa vintage market

The vintage stalls were a blast to peruse, but I didn’t buy anything. The prices were in line with what you see in big city vintage stores – just a tad more than I wanted to spend. I was mostly looking at headscarves ($8-16), vintage fabric ($6-10/yd), and nightstands (>$150). My hesitancy to spend that much, especially on furniture, has likely come from all the free stuff my neighbors leave on their curbs. But there was this adorable blue cabinet…

Blue vintage cabinet

What a cutie.

My mom has promised that we’ll go antiquing when I’m home in Ohio for Christmas. I’m still on a quest for this ceramic Samson pitcher that I spotted in Ohio in 2008, photographed, but stupidly DID NOT BUY. What was I thinking?! It was only $18. I’ve tried all kinds of internet searches but each one ends in failure. Will I ever find Samson immortalized in a pitcher again??



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  2. Janet Schumm · September 16, 2011

    Katie, maybe Debbie and I could go the Market with you ,it looks cool.

    • foxflat · September 16, 2011

      you guys would love it! we could definitely go. And I officially got that Friday off work 🙂

  3. lauren · September 12, 2011

    Hey, I’m glad you liked it! I had never been in the summer before and got some food at the Clover food truck. I only bought a dress today, but saw a million more things I liked – including flannel cowboy fabric that I want to make a duvet out of!

    • foxflat · September 12, 2011

      Nice! I can’t wait to see that duvet cover 🙂 And the dress. Maybe we should meet up there sometime! It’s so cool that it goes all the way til December.

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