Learning to love your city…

…by hosting houseguests. My mom always said that having people over to stay was a great excuse to thoroughly clean the house. True. It’s also a great way to be reminded why the place you live is pretty cool.

Last week was our 1 year anniversary of living in Boston. Most days could be a day lived anywhere—-shower, fixing coffee, commute to work, office, dinner, taking Sam to the park (clearly the perks of big-city living are mostly lost on me). But when people come to visit, suddenly we’re cruising down Storrow Drive, walking the North End, swimming Walden Pond, and I think, “huh, Boston’s pretty awesome!”

Two weekends ago we hosted a small wedding party from out of state. Just my friend, her partner, and a few family members. Read was the officiant and I was the location scout. My July days spent hunting the perfect low-budget beach wedding spot were spoiled by Hurricane Irene (gah!). At least there weren’t any reservations to deal with though- we were just gonna pull up to Crane Beach at the crack of dawn to try and beat the crowds. Worried about wind and water surges, we scrambled on Friday to find another (free) location.


 In the end, my Anne-of-Green-Gables-filled-walk through Middlesex Fells provided a great backup option. We had the nicest little morning wedding on the shore of Spot Pond, followed by lunch at our house. The sky was overcast, but that was ideal for photography. Between four people and three cameras, 2,000+ photos were taken that weekend. Then some left early and some left late, but everyone safely avoided the hurricane.


This weekend my friend Rudy flew in from Cincy. His name’s not Rudy, but he was introduced by that nickname my freshman year of college and I’ve never called him anything but. In fact, his voicemail message – where he uses his real name – weirds me out.


Between three people and one camera we took a single photograph this weekend. ONE. It’s Rudy on the steps of the church in Harvard. He said he wanted a “Look Ma – I’m in Harvard!” picture. What I don’t have photos of is the BC/Northwestern game, the Freedom Trail, a surprise St. Christopher’s parade in North End, and my new favorite street fair food – a ginormous spinach rice ball. Mmm. Our upstairs neighbors just got a deep fryer…maybe I can learn how to make them.

After Rudy left I went on a huge Labor Day deep-cleaning spree. I washed all the windows, shook the rugs, took the window air conditioners to the basement, and scrubbed the dirty prints by the light switches. Things are looking good for our next houseguest, whoever it may be. Don’t you want to come to Boston?? eh eh?




  1. Molly · October 17, 2011

    So…if you’re still looking for houseguests, I would love to volunteer. My husband and I are planning a (short) trip to Boston in November for a conference he’s attending. If you’d really be up for having us, could you send me an email? It would be so great to see you!

  2. sally · September 6, 2011

    Ahhh….love it all.

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