West coast knitting

This blog’s been light on the knitting lately, so here are some Oregon trip highlights from that department.

My airplane project was this Pinstripe Slouch Hat in some Widdershin handspun.

It looked great for about 3 inches. But then the colors started to pool and stripe, which interfered with the vertical lines of the pinstripes. It was a particularly hard one to frog because I think it ultimately could’ve been okay. But why put in all the hard work of handspinning for something that’s just okay. There’s 457 yards there, which should be enough for a shawl for my mom…something with longer rows to eliminate striping. Do you have any to suggest?

pinstripe slouch hat

In 2009 I wrote about my first efforts at carding, dyeing, and spinning a small bag of yarn from Read’s mom’s alpacas. There are many seasons worth of fiber stored high and dry in their barn, and Sally graciously said it could be mine for the taking. I picked through it all last week and with space bags and a vacuum, condensed two garbage bags full into three plane-ready parcels. If all goes as planned, it’ll be cleaned, blended, and carded at Still River Mill (and part of it turned into a Christmas present for Sally). I am REALLY pumped.

alpaca fiber

Alpaca Fiber

In Eugene we made a visit to Soft Horizons, my favorite little knit shop. They have this basket of mill ends in the back that always sucks me in. I picked out about a pound of different wools. I also bought a hank of Frolicking Feet in Navajo Sky – maybe it’ll work better for the Pinstripe Slouch Hat.


My homework is knitting Tami (of the Tulum trip) a new hat. She shrunk her last one in the washing machine (Tami!!!!). The shrunk one was awfully cute (see?), but Tami picked out a deep dark eggplant wool/yak blend that just might top it. And I do owe her a birthday present. In fact I better go work on it right now.



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  2. SnowDiamondAlpacas · September 27, 2011

    Are they the fiber products made out of alpacas fleece?

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