To the airport!

In about a half hour I’ll be driving to Boston Logan to pick up Read! Six weeks went pretty fast, all in all. My summary of the time away, for all those who asked, was “it was kinda fun to have the house to myself…until it wasn’t.”

I’ve almost finished my Read’s-Away project: the Plain & Simple Pullover made from reclaimed yard sale wool.

Plain & Simple Pullover progress

Trying on the sweater is disgustingly uncomfortable because we’re in the middle of a little July heat wave. The pets are sprawled all over the floors, nobody has any energy, and I refuse to make any meals that require heat. It’s time to give up and lug the window air conditioners up from the basement.


p.s. Thank you guys for your kind words about Samson’s failed flying lesson. I realized Monday that he’s missing an entire toenail, but a toenail is still a pretty cheap price for such a high fall. More than a few neighbors have stopped me to ask about him – it’s a really nice block we live on. The balcony window is definitely staying closed.



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  2. bethany · July 14, 2011

    so glad to hear that sam is safe! and read is finally home!! you has usual amaze me with your knitting abilities (plus talent). love, bethany

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