Beach or Bust

Spoiler alert – it was a bust.

My friend and I drove miles of the Massachusetts shoreline today, but all we found was $20 parking and “NO DOGS ALLOWED.” We got so desperate that we called a local doggy daycare to see if they’d take Sam for the afternoon, but they wanted to see his immunization records. Then we hid Sam in the trunk (don’t worry, just for like 30 seconds) in order to sneak by a park ranger and see if we could covertly park in a shady place, tie him by a tree, and sit by the water. No dice. Not even close.

Taking Sam along to the beach was always a given…I didn’t even think to check before leaving the house today, or think that we’d need so much cash to park. I miss good ol’ Oregon and it’s free beaches for everyone.

So we drove back to the city, dropped Sam at home, and went to the public pool in Allston Brighton. I loved it. Free parking, free admission, and hardly anyone there. Plus the sound of traffic on Rte 20 kind of sounded like waves on a beach, and the unheated water gave us a rush of goosebumps just like the ocean. Ahhhhhh

Allston Brighton city pool



  1. Janet Schumm · June 28, 2011

    My daughter has such a great attitude, You didn’t get from me.I’m glad you had a great time.

  2. Julie · June 28, 2011

    pools are great, too!! plus- no sand in your swimsuit or sticking to your sunscreen. a big plus, really.

  3. foxflat · June 28, 2011

    that’s true Sally! I was a super big pool rat as a kid, so being there made me happy. Got to relive my glory days

  4. sally · June 28, 2011

    And no salt to wash off afterwards…..! Sigh.

  5. Nancy · June 28, 2011

    Aww….at least you found water and sunshine!

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