the North Shore yarn

Remember the merino fiber I bought on our trip to the North Shore

Frabjous Fibers merino roving

It’s about 250(ish) yards of double-ply, and it’s time to sort out its fate. It needs anywhere from sz. 7 needles (hearty and strong) to sz. 10 (pliable and drapey). The overall hue reminds me of a cenote in Tulum, or like a photo of the Atlantic seashore with the saturation turned way up. It’s pleasant pizazz.

Boathouse yarn
North Shore yarn

Here are my top contenders after a hunt through ravelry. Votes? Other ideas?

1. yayayarn’s take on the Chickadee Cowl (i have some plain cream wool in stash)

2. a linen stitch scarf

3. Leg Warmers by Jane Richmond



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  2. bethany · June 21, 2011

    oh please the cowl! the yarn is beautiful… you are so talented!

  3. sally · June 20, 2011

    exquisite Tulum cenote. I vote for the cowl!

  4. Julie · June 20, 2011

    Looks beautiful!! I love the way you plied it.

  5. barefootrooster · June 20, 2011

    GORGEOUS. I vote for the cowl. Though I do love handspun legwarmers. (You might want more yardage for those, though. Stripey handspun legwarmers?)

    • foxflat · June 20, 2011

      Thanks Amy! Yeah, i’m getting kind of excited about the idea of legwarmers…stripey sounds good.

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