30-minute cowl

Unfortunately the title of this post does not refer to the length of time it took to knit this cowl, but to the length of time it existed, fully formed, in this world.

Serene stripes


It had potential. It did! The reclaimed wheat yarn and the soft earthy tones of the slubby handspun created the right balance of harmony and contrast. There was enough yarn to make an extra long cowl that would double as a hood. And I tried out a jogless striping method for the first time and loved it.

However, the reclaimed wheat yarn had lots of stops and starts, and so it littered the wrongside with knots and ugly bits of yarn. The increases around the shoulders were too fast and furious, which created funny little pleats. And the cowl was so long that when it was not in hood mode, it created an unwieldy and bulky tire of wool around my neck. I frogged the thing before thinking to take a picture, so here is an illustration of what that photo would have shown:

By the next day I’d come up with a new plan for the handspun…a little kerchief. My very first one in fact! Admittedly I’m a little late to the kerchief/shawl party. There are a ton of great patterns on ravelry, and from the lists I chose The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief.

This has already made it through 72 hours and one outing to work. I think it’s a keeper.

First handspun shawl
First handspun shawl
First handspun shawl



  1. sally · May 20, 2011

    Maya and I LOVE this one, Katie!

  2. becca · May 20, 2011

    holy cow. i love it. and your cartoon. and your hair. boy, i miss you katie!

    • foxflat · May 21, 2011

      I miss you too Becca 🙂 it’s about time i drew another cartoon for the office blog. what shall we write about?

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