Construction on the Balcony Garden

It’s no secret that certain friendships are good for certain things. There’s the coworker who understands your office frustrations. The friend you walk dogs with. The couple who’s always up for dinner and drinks. The pal you meet for coffee and knitting. The old friends who know just when to call. Each is their own sort of wonderfulness.

And yet one of my very, very favorite friendship types is the person who’s always up for a new project. I couldn’t be happier as when I’m involved in a DIT (do-it-together) adventure. Canning pickles or peaches. Making apple butter. Refinishing furniture. I go a little bonkers. Once a roommate said that living with me was like living at summer camp, which looking back, was hopefully a compliment….

So. Imagine my glee when a new friend family in our neighborhood was not  only intrigued by the idea of a pallet garden, but also wanted to help build one. And that’s just what we all did last Sunday (after eating a nice big brunch with waffles and egg/bacon casserole and coffee). We didn’t stop with the pallet, but built a potato box too. I was in heaven.

Turning a pallet into a vertical garden

From left to right: lettuce, parsley, zucchini, strawberries

Turning a pallet into a vertical garden

We'll keep it horizontal for a few weeks to let things take root, then try tipping it against the house

Growing potatoes in a box

As the potato plants grow, we'll pile in more dirt and eventually add more wood to the sides

Pea shoots

The peas are coming right along...

So – what types of friendships are you especially thankful for? And what kinds of projects do you have up your sleeve for this month?



  1. Balcony Suppliers · May 23, 2012

    Wow Amazing Construction of balcony garden!! Thanks for Sharing….

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  4. Bethany · May 8, 2011

    the diy projects were my favorite when i lived with you!! this is a great idea… i think my dad has some pallets laying around the factory. hugs. b.

    • foxflat · May 8, 2011

      Bethany: My hope is that one of these days we’ll live in the same city again so we can return to weekend projects. Either that, or we start visiting each other more often for intense project parties 🙂

      Misa: Yes! Well-read friends (who also like to swap books) are wonderful. I’ve found so many good books that way.

      Lan: How cool is it that you have a long-distance project friend?! What an amazing combination of qualities…hang on to that one for sure. Carpentry is one thing I know nothing about, but I’d love to learn more

  5. misa · May 8, 2011

    The pallet garden is intriguing. We’re not planting our garden this year because our house will be resided at some point, but we might put some vegetables in pots. I’m thankful for friends that like to go yarn shopping and talk about books.

  6. Lan · May 5, 2011

    this is amazing! i was just telling my boyfriend last night that i would like to plant an urban garden, i just don’t know how to begin!

    my bff lives in NC, a good 7 hours drive away. she is ALWAYS up for new things to do together long distance. this year we are running and meeting in Sept in VA to do a half marathon together.

    in regards to actual diy projects, my cousin Kim enjoys doing carpentry & painting types of stuff with me. and my ex roommate Nuria, if i bully her hard enough, she’ll do yarn creations with me.

    i’m seriously lucky to have people who are game to do random things with me. 🙂

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