Spinning Sunday & Marathon Monday

Yesterday was rainy and cold, so I worked on spinning up some of the Widdershin Woolworks fiber mom got me. I haven’t used the spinning wheel in ages. Not only was it dusty, but sometime this winter the cats chewed through the flywheel string. After 30 minutes of tying, tinkering, and swearing I had things going again…although it took longer to relearn the rhythm of the motions. The fiber is so pretty – like the color of river rocks – with a little sheen from the 50% silk.


IMG_4209I kept it single-ply with the idea that I’ll combine it with some repurposed oatmeal wool from an old LL Bean sweater and make a striped super cowl, like this:

(c) marittar

Today was Patriot’s Day, which is recognized in Boston by giving people the day off (yay!). It’s also the day of the Boston Marathon. I love watching races – track or road, sprint or distance – so getting to stand near mile 22 and watch the elite women’s and men’s packs go by was awesome.

The marathon draws a half million spectators, making it the biggest sporting event in Boston. We watched coverage of the first couple miles at my friend’s house, and then walked over to Boston College, where runners had just cleared “Heartbreak Hill” (which has a great story behind its name).

Boston Marathon 2011 near Boston College- Caroline Kilel (far left) is on her way to win it

Lead pack of female runners - Caroline Kilel from Kenya (far left) goes on to win

Boston Marathon 2011 near Boston College- Desiree Davila (far right) is on her way to 2nd place

Desiree Davila (far right) from USA wins 2nd



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  2. Bethany · May 8, 2011

    the yarn is beautiful!

  3. Julie · April 19, 2011

    Your handspun looks so great!! I love that striped cowl,I bet it will be great for your handspun.

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