Knitting Friend Blind Date

Sunday morning sunshine

When I wrote this spring about grownup friend-making in a new city, more than one person vouched for using sites like ravelry and meetup to make online friends who become in-person friends. I trust you guys, so I gave it a try.

This morning a ravelry neighbor and I met at the local Starbucks. It was like a blind date for a knitting friend hahaha. We both have small dogs with questionable taste in food, both moved to the area within the last year, and both spent time in Kenya (her for two years with Peace Corps and me for two weeks with a geography professor, so…I’m sure you can guess which one of us knows Swahili). But yeah, it was a lot of fun!

I learned where the best local Thai restaurants are, why sockyarn might be a better choice than laceweight for the Featherweight Cardigan, where to order dye-able yarn in bulk, and was inspired to finally give this stretchy interlock bindoff method a try.



  1. Lan · April 19, 2011

    i love love love meeting online friends in real life. it’s something that was so weird back in the day but now, when i introduce friends to other friends, i find myself saying: “oh we met online, thru our love of yarn or food or running.” some of my closest friends were not met thru work or school, they were thru common internet interests. good for you!

  2. misa · April 17, 2011

    Good for you for reaching out to new folks. There is a blog called MWF seeking BFF, where the blogger moves to a new city and sets out to make friends and tries every method possible. She didn’t try Ravelry or knitting but she ought to have! End result is that she met a whole bunch of new friends and a bunch that didn’t pan out, but she became a much more outgoing person. Now she has a book deal in the works.

    • foxflat · April 17, 2011

      Misa – that blog is great!!! Thank you for pointing me in its direction.. the difficulty in finding new female friends is a topic that comes up a lot in post-college conversations among me and my oldest friends (living in far flung cities across the country). thank you!

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