Help – this spring bag pattern needs a name…

A bright foldover hobo-slung bag with external pockets

This weekend I finished my new spring bag and I’m working on writing out the pattern. But the pattern needs a name! Something spring-like. Unpretentious. Cheerful but not cutesy. The winner gets a foxflat-created-surprise.



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  2. Sandra · March 25, 2011

    I say you call it Indian Plum (Osoberry) or something related or describing this plant. It is one of the first shrubs to create small lush green leaf buds in the PNW forests and the first sign of spring. This plant brightens up the forest understory with its almost florescent green leaves against the dark shaded forest. For the animal kingdom it is a delightful sign of nourishment and for the naturalist, a preface to the botanic drama that lies ahead. Also check out the treatment on the Indian Plum.

  3. karen weber · March 24, 2011

    “red sky in morning”……. (darling!)

  4. Moira · March 24, 2011

    Haru which is spring in japanese. totobaggu is bag, which is fun to say:)

  5. bethany · March 22, 2011

    mmm rasberry, meander, sashay…. more to come. (although i like bloom.) its beautiful as always. i wish you were closer! your crafting is inspirational. love, b.

  6. barefootrooster · March 21, 2011

    the first word that comes to mind when you say spring-like, unpretentious, and cheerful but not cutesy is bloom. also, stroll. meander? my walks become less directed as spring arrives. it is beautiful, by the way.

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