the lucky green sweater (neulottu naisen jakku)

It’s done! And it’s cozy and happy and GREEN. This particular sweater was knit with the help of a beach in Mexico, and then a bunch of episodes of Mad Men and (fittingly) Weeds.

the lucky green sweater

the lucky green sweater (neulottu naisen jakku) + Teddy

Pattern: Neulottu-Naisen-Jakku.  Ravelry user Lilia translated the written pattern notes from the original Finnish. I added some English translations to the pattern charts and put everything together in this pdf. If you want additional photos and notes, here is Neulottu Naisen Jakku’s ravelry pattern page.

Modifications: I had to make the sleeves a couple inches longer than the pattern called for and I used the same size needles throughout.

Yarn: 5.5 skeins of Peace Fleece Worsted in Shaba

the lucky green sweater

sweater back

the lucky green sweater

Bonus - When you're wearing a coat, the sweater collar folds up into a nice scarf shape

the lucky green sweater

bring on the Boston St. Patricks Day!!!!!



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  2. Lan · March 14, 2011

    i love the gorgeous green color, the word VERDANT comes to mind.

    i am incapable of knitting sweaters, i can only do the simple knit & purl combo for a scarf. crocheting is more my forte.

    great job!

    • foxflat · March 15, 2011

      oooo verdant IS a good word for the color. I should’ve used that in the sweater’s name. Don’t be too modest about your scarves…I saw some on your blog and they’re beautiful!

  3. tami · March 13, 2011

    so pretty! and for a bonus i get to see many pictures of katie. was read the photographer?

    • foxflat · March 14, 2011

      yes yes…lots of Katie for you 🙂 I tried taking some with the timer which only half worked. so then I made Read step out on the balcony in his socks.

  4. molivermade · March 12, 2011

    beautiful and just in time for St. Patrick’s Day

  5. Jess · March 11, 2011

    Oh, wow! It’s GORGEOUS!! 😀

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