Help – this spring bag pattern needs a name…

A bright foldover hobo-slung bag with external pockets

This weekend I finished my new spring bag and I’m working on writing out the pattern. But the pattern needs a name! Something spring-like. Unpretentious. Cheerful but not cutesy. The winner gets a foxflat-created-surprise.


the lucky green sweater (neulottu naisen jakku)

It’s done! And it’s cozy and happy and GREEN. This particular sweater was knit with the help of a beach in Mexico, and then a bunch of episodes of Mad Men and (fittingly) Weeds.

the lucky green sweater

the lucky green sweater (neulottu naisen jakku) + Teddy

Pattern: Neulottu-Naisen-Jakku.  Ravelry user Lilia translated the written pattern notes from the original Finnish. I added some English translations to the pattern charts and put everything together in this pdf. If you want additional photos and notes, here is Neulottu Naisen Jakku’s ravelry pattern page.

Modifications: I had to make the sleeves a couple inches longer than the pattern called for and I used the same size needles throughout.

Yarn: 5.5 skeins of Peace Fleece Worsted in Shaba

the lucky green sweater

sweater back

the lucky green sweater

Bonus - When you're wearing a coat, the sweater collar folds up into a nice scarf shape

the lucky green sweater

bring on the Boston St. Patricks Day!!!!!

Spring sewing brainstorm

Yesterday a giant rainstorm melted the last of our dirty sodden snowpiles and I’d like to think that’s it for snow this season.  As an expression of optimism, I’m brainstorming spring sewing projects. Here’s a photo collection of my inspiration thus far. What am I missing? (besides mending your jeans, Tami…donworry that’s first on the list)

A new bag – A pen exploded in my beautiful orange corduroy bag last summer, which I could kinda hide if I kept it a certain way on my hip, but then half a bottle of hair oil leaked into it. That was the end…of both the bag and the hair oil. I still haven’t sewn another.

Ikea Fabric 6

cornflower blue Ikea fabric

I have this blue Ikea fabric in my drawer, which is calling for an orange exterior. Or maybe green? I use a construction process like this and I’m considering a hobo bag shape with maybe some pleats or a fold-over.  Like on of these beauties…

(c) stitchaline on etsy (click on pic to see posting)

(c) olivetreetextiles on etsy (click on pic to see posting)

(c) christystudio on etsy (click on pic to see posting)

A coin quilt – It’s about time for another quilt. My friend Bonnie at On The Way makes these great quilts out of men’s shirts and that fabric source, combined with the coin quilt motif, might be the next project.

small quilt for julia

Coin Quilt (c) uzbeckistan via flickr

Gnome coin quilt finished

(c) splityarn on flickr

(c) farfallagiallababy on etsy (click on pic for posting)

Somethin’ else – I have several of my grandma’s dress patterns from the 40s and 50s that I’d still like to make. I just need the right fabric…

1940s dress