Community Container Gardening

Progress on shrug

Shrug progress

Melting snow. Singing birds. Leftover sunlight when I get home from work. If I’m not careful, warm weather will get here before Neulottu is done. YESSS I can’t lose. Plus a coworker warned me that they like to crank the AC during the summer, so it could be that the sweaters stay out year round.

Once you get the hang of this pattern it’s relatively mindless. And I love how it showcases all you can do with only knit, purl, and shortrows.

The promise of spring’s got me thinking about gardening. Without a proper ground plot, I’m going to see what’s possible this summer using a 2nd story porch, pots, and planters (that sentence was like an ad for the letter P). Anyhow…a little google searching brought up a balcony gardening version of the knit-along!

I really miss my community garden plot from Oregon, and so far all of the community gardens around our apartment are full. So this “community container grow-along” idea made me happy. Our balcony has zero shade so it might actually work out as long as I can keep up with watering…

If you’ve done much urban vegetable gardening in containers and have tips/links/tales of woe, please lemme know.


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