Snow Day Projects

Eighteen inches of snow dropped on Boston last night, which could only mean one thing…SNOW DAY!! Can anything inspire a purer joy? At least when you’re still new to the Northeast…

Snow Day

The view out our window at 7:30am

Snow days  – with all of their white reflected light – are  great for indoor photography. While we were still in bed, Samson did his famous “Great Men of History” series for the camera. Read calls the following  “George Washington Crossing the Potomac.”  And were any of you fans of Calvin & Hobbes? If so, you might understand why I turned Teddy’s new favorite cardboard house into a Time Machine. Teddy teleported to another time and place, and Mr. Washington took his historical reenactment skills to the streets, leading us in a snowy expedition around the block. All the curbside cars looked like frosted cupcakes.

Crossing the Potomac

Great Men of History #1

Teddy's Time Machine

Teddy's Time Machine

Teddy's Time Machine

Whoosh - he's gone

Snow Day

Snowy march around the block

Next to goofing around with the pets, snow days call for soup and craft projects. I made the soup first – Chicken Sausage & Artichoke from Sunset magazine – and served it with homemade bread. Excellent. Then I finished a really cheap but good-looking organizer for my long necklaces. All you need is an inexpensive wooden picture frame, little metal hooks, and a handheld drill (the drill isn’t mandatory but it does make things easier).

Chicken Sausage & Artichoke soup

Chicken Sausage & Artichoke soup

Materials for my new necklace organizer

The photo is of my hometown (Bryan, Ohio) in the 1920's. They still decorate the square like this for Christmas 🙂

new year 045

Pre-drill shallow holes to make screwing in the hooks easier

new year 049


new year 050

Now I can fit more earrings in my jewelry box

Teddy returned around dinnertime but won’t say where he went, just that he had fun. Me too – what a great day.



  1. Anne · January 29, 2011

    Katie, speaking of long necklaces did you leave one here in Cleveland on your winter journeys? If so I’ll send it, hopefully with better luck than the sweater had…

    • foxflat · January 31, 2011

      Hmmmm I’m not sure! I’ll text you for details

  2. lolabees · January 24, 2011

    Nice photos. The soup looks great!

  3. Julie · January 13, 2011

    what an awesome snow day!! I love Teddy’s time machine, that’s hilarious.

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