Bribes for Beantown

Any minute now my friends Kim & Cliff will be here from Virginia. They’re contemplating a move and Boston is on the short list, so this visit is part Thanksgiving get together and part scouting mission. In an effort to sway them, I’ve prepared a series of bribes.

First – HANDKNIT SOCKS. Kim’s birthday was last week so I’ll be able to cleverly disguise this bribe as a birthday present (muwahhahah). The pattern was given to me by a former colleague…it’s very good and was reportedly used by the colleague’s friend to knit socks for soldiers in WWII (?? I know…sounds like some knitting lore. But hey you never know). One of these days I’ll type it up and put it on ravelry.

thanksgiving 045

I de-stashed Noro sockyarn and a nice bamboo/cotton blend

thanksgiving 042

Hopefully an unfinished sock doesn't diminish the bribe's power

Next – PIES. Who doesn’t love pies? I trashed the kitchen this morning making two of them – my gramma’s prized butterscotch and a double-layer blueberry cheesecake that’s excellent.

thanksgiving 034

I am very blessed to have married someone who likes doing the dishes

thanksgiving 037

Topping the butterscotch filling with meringue

thanksgiving 039

Butterscotch Pie ingredients

thanksgiving 040

Butterscotch Pie instructions

thanksgiving 041


 And if neither of these work, I’ll throw in THE RETURN OF THE FICUS. When Kim and Cliff left Oregon, all of their possessions stuffed into a VW bug, they lovingly left me with their baby ficus tree. I somehow managed to not only keep it alive, but keep it growing (!!!). I’ve kept the cats out by covering the soil with river rocks, and I re-potted it a couple times. The ficus and I are buddies, but if he’ll sweeten the deal…

New cat-prevention strategy: rocks

A reader suggested this river-rock-pile for keeping out cats - so smart!

Sunday afternoon

Teddy's search for litterbox alternatives is thwarted

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!



  1. Jenna · November 30, 2010

    I’m also blessed to be married to a dedicated dish-washer. I couldn’t have so many kitchen adventures without him!
    I hope your bribes work–those are some awesome socks.

    • foxflat · December 1, 2010

      Thanks Jenna! Yes, what would we do without the dedicated dishwashers?? Kim did love the socks. No word yet on whether or not it swayed their decision.

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